Discover Sanctuary in Treatment

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”  -Rumi

I’m blessed to be invited to speak with an amazing group of people on Gabriola Island this week.  Waking up to the sounds of birds and sights of natural splendor each morning, I cannot think of a better place for my soul to rest.

Passing a tranquil spot by the ocean’s edge this afternoon, I considered the various sources that cultivate my sense of peace and well-being.  Nature is my reprieve.  Silence, conscious breath, an uninterrupted meal with good company and nourishing food can all feel like a sanctuary.

Where do you find refuge that allows you to recharge from the busyness?  Regular visits to your acupuncturist, massage therapist, counsellor or other healthcare provider can create this opportunity.

While in the care of any therapist, it is important that you feel well looked after.  This means finding the right person to develop rapport with over time.

Factors to consider when working with a new provider.

  • Are you being heard fully and empathized with?
  • Is your therapist competent and if not, are they willing to admit that and refer you on?
  • Do they put your expressed needs at the forefront in place of their agenda?
  • Are they flexible in meeting you where you’re at in your journey with your health?
  • Does your health care provider enjoy what they do?

Whether receiving re-occurring care or emergency treatment, my hope is that my patients feel well looked after.  Beginning with an in-depth questionnaire leading to a comfortable experience on the table that ultimately resolves health concerns.  Your overall well-being is my primary concern during a visit.  Perhaps you can melt into a sense of safety and calm within a treatment while rebuilding strength and resiliency in your body.  Finding this place creates time for the best healing to occur.

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