Please note, these fees apply to patients in the Vancouver clinic only.

Initial Acupuncture Treatment $100 1.5 hours intake & consultation
Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment $75 1 hour
Pre Paid Pkg of 6 Treatments $360 $90 savings
Mobile Acupuncture*
Single Acupuncture Treatment $200 1 hour
Pre Paid Pkg of 6 Treatments $960 $240 savings
Vitamin B Injection $30 5mL
Vitamin B Injection $50 10mL
MIC Injection $60


*Mobile acupuncture service is available to a residence or hotel in Vancouver proper.
Service is available beyond Vancouver at an additional cost.
A deposit may be required to secure an appointment in your home or hotel room.
For hotel visits, please include the cost of car valet.

Treatments may include cupping, moxibustion, gua sha or tui na massage at no extra charge.  Find out more here.

MSP & Insurance Coverage

If you make under $30 000 annually, you are entitled to $23.00 per treatment for up to 10 treatments a year under the medical services plan (MSP).  Patients pay the entire fee at the time of their visit.  After treatment, you can submit a practitioner number and a code for your treatment on MSP form 2994 which can be found here.

If you have a form of extended healthcare, you can file your receipt with your insurer.

Before & After Your Treatment

Make sure you eat a nourishing meal within three hours prior to your treatment.

If possible, wear loose clothing that will provide access to your limbs, abdomen and back.

Fill out the Acupuncture Intake Form and send in before your arrival or bring with you to your initial visit.

Avoid discolouring your tongue before a treatment (berries, tea, coffee, milky foods, candy).

While most people feel rested and relaxed after acupuncture, some people may feel a bit disoriented.  It is a good idea to take some time to yourself after a treatment.