Bone Broth for Your Health

Upon perusing online acupuncture groups, I came across this excellent testimonial on the powers of bone broth.  I have a beautiful batch of bones waiting for me in my freezer which I’ll pull out and show you how you can make this at home.  Bone broth is an ideal staple to have at home to help with digestive issues, protect joints, aid with sleep, improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails, and it’s all very affordable!

Mike Arsenault, Lic. Ac and Founder of the herbal skincare line Emily Skin Soothers shared the following story:

“My patient has been taking care of her husband with ALS at home, for 3 years—which in itself is amazing. He is on a feeding tube and recently he experienced incredible swelling in his legs, abdomen, etc called third space swelling (explained here: It is due to very low albumin not holding fluids in the vessels so fluid flows into the tissues with huge swellings.
The MDs had little to offer but a protein powder that was hard to use with the G-tube.(gastrostomy). A strong diuretic did not touch it. The swelling was so bad he had difficulty breathing and his long term doctor said the prognosis was poor and recommended hospice.
My patient has been getting meals cooked by another one of my patients, a chef. We also got her on bone broth.She decided to try the bone broth in the G-tube. Within 10 days all of the swelling resolved and all of his blood values returned to normal, better than they had been in months. He’s stabilized for now, another huge success for bone broth!!”


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