Aleksandra Wroblewska

Aleksandra Wroblewska spent her youth in the coastal community of Prince Rupert, B.C, exposed to the beauty of the temperate rainforest, ocean, mountains, and the healing effects of nature.

Aleksandra came to Traditional Chinese Medicine early in life through profound personal experience, and was fortunate to find healthcare practitioners who reached beyond her surface concerns. During a prolonged period as a child and teen, acne became a concern which led to strong prescription medication. After three months of monitoring liver enzymes through blood testing and experiencing harsh side effects, there was no relief.  Under the direction of a holistic practitioner an understanding surfaced around the importance of healthy eating and emotional counselling.  A few years later; three rounds of antibiotics, a steady stream of cough suppressants and co-workers complaining about an annoying bark of a cough for over three months, herbal medicine came to the rescue and resolved chronic bronchitis nearly overnight.

Aleksandra connects with displaced families, having experienced immigration early on in life and the hardships of adjusting to life in a new environment.  Her family underwent a cultural transition facing new customs, a foreign language not to mention the hard work that went into setting up a foundation anew.

Today, Aleksandra finds herself coming full circle, celebrating the scope of her practice which considers both the physical and emotional elements of patients’ well-being. Not only does she understand the 2,000 plus years’ history of Chinese Medicine practiced before her, but she can witness the overlaps with scientific discoveries in medicine today.

As a complementary therapist at Dr. Peter’s Centre, an HIV support centre along with Insite, a detox facility, her varied experience includes offering HIV support and addiction protocol. Enabling individuals to take health into their own hands and return their systems to a place of balance is a key feature of patient care.

Taking into consideration apprehensive feelings around receiving acupuncture, patients are approached with care and sensitivity.    Auricular acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping may be included with treatment.  Diet and lifestyle are also key to recovering good health.  Injection therapy and biopuncture can be very effective in addressing certain concerns.

Patients are encouraged to seek nourishment through building community, connecting with family and enjoying nature.